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Backup power and electricity

Backup power and electricity

Hydrogen solutions replacing purchased electricity and fossil backup power

We provide a diverse range of hydrogen solutions to replace purchased electricity and fossil fuel backup power. Through comprehensive analysis of each customer's needs, we tailor the solution accordingly. Our offerings include portable fuel cell generators and comprehensive stationary solutions.

Fuel Cell Generator: Flexible, fossil-free backup power

The flexibility of our fuel cell generator allows installation wherever needed, whether for seasonal events, construction sites, or roadworks. Additionally, connecting a portable charger for battery-powered vehicles enhances versatility where mains power is limited.

Stationary Hydrogen Solution: Self-sufficiency on demand

Opting for our complete hydrogen solution ensures autonomy in electricity supply for as long as needed. Tailored to meet diverse requirements, it addresses efficiency peaks, power outages, or year-round self-sufficiency.

Increased efficiency through heat recovery in processes

A hydrogen system can significantly enhance its efficiency by harnessing the heat generated during the processes of electrolysis and fuel cell operation. While these components of the hydrogen system aren't 100% efficient in converting electrical energy to hydrogen or hydrogen back to electricity, heat is one of the byproducts released during these processes. By effectively recycling this heat, energy efficiency can be markedly improved. This not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to minimizing environmental impact by optimizing the utilization of each energy unit consumed by the system.

Emission-free and portable fuel cell generator

Replace fossil backup power and energy supply

Our hydrogen fuel cell generator represents the pinnacle of clean and efficient energy technology. Compact, reliable, and emission-free, it offers unparalleled flexibility for various applications. Whether powering remote sites, providing backup power during outages, or supporting events and construction projects, our fuel cell generator delivers reliable and sustainable energy solutions. With seamless integration and minimal maintenance requirements, it's the ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking reliable power with a reduced environmental footprint.

Secure electricity for as long time as needed

Enhance energy independence with a customized hydrogen solution

Gain control over your energy consumption by transitioning to a hydrogen-based system. Store surplus energy from renewable sources in hydrogen for a versatile and resilient power supply. Whether you need continuous autonomy or temporary support during peak periods, our stationary hydrogen solution can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. With a focus on sustainability and reliability, we offer a pathway to a cleaner and greener future.

Who can gain from hydrogen solutions for clean energy supply:

  • Airports, logistics, transport and distribution
  • Industry and offices
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Energy producers and suppliers

  • Socially critical activities such as: emergency services, hospitals, sewage treatment plants, waste plants, energy supply
  • Civil och military operations
  • Schools and pre-schools, elderly care
  • Urban development


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Sjöbohem office

Sjöbo, Sweden

Energy efficiency and becoming self-sufficient in own green electricity have long been a high priority for Sjöbohem. Nilsson Energy has been involved from the beginning of the process, from the first delivery to completion along the way Sjöbohem is a municipally owned real estate company in Sjöbo municipality, located in southern Sweden.

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