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Sjöbohem office

Sjöbo, Sweden

Sjöbohem office

Energy efficiency and becoming self-sufficient in own green electricity have long been a high priority for Sjöbohem. Nilsson Energy has been involved from the beginning of the process, from the first delivery to completion along the way Sjöbohem is a municipally owned real estate company in Sjöbo municipality, located in southern Sweden.

Facts about the system

  • A self-contained decentralized microgrid
  • Solar panels and wind turbine
  • H2 storage / dispenser for local mobility

  • Onsite production of green H2
  • Heat pumps and H2
  • Storing approx. 6 MWh
"We simply didn't want to depend on anyone else when the demand for electricity is high and supply is low."

Kent Tillberg

Förvaltningschef Sjöbohem

Sjöbohem's goal of being self-sufficient in electricity

How the system works - an overview

Hydrogen energy system

During the summer months and when the wind is blowing, the solar panels and the wind turbine produce more electricity than the building consumes, meaning the excess first charges the battery and when full, hydrogen is created through electrolysis and stored in hydrogen tanks until needed. When the sun and wind isn't enough, the hydrogen is converted into electricity in to the building through a fuel cell. There will also be a dispenser for refuelling H2 next to the office.

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