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Knowledge partner and system integrator since 2017

Empowering a fossil-free environment providing turnkey hydrogen solutions

Nilsson Energy AB is an experiened knowledge partner, system integrator and supplier of turnkey renewable energy systems with hydrogen as an energy carrier. The company was established in 2017 by three entrepreneurs with a great interest in demonstrating the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier for a variety of applications. The founders remained in the company with great operational commitment and to build the organisation until the end of 2023. Decentralized hydrogen production from renewable sources forms the basis of the product portfolio and the company can deliver everything from off-grid systems to flexibility services to the grid in the form of reserve power and green hydrogen for mobility. Our offer spans the entire value chain from feasibility studies, complete product and system design, installation and commissioning to service and maintenance


Qarlbo Energy

From January 2024, Qarlbo Energy AB is sole owner of Nilsson Energy. Qarlbo Energy AB is a Swedish investment company majority owned by Conni Jonsson and family. Qarlbo Energy AB are active and committed owners with a long-term investment horizon in their investments. In 2023, the Wallenberg sphere's FAM was also added as a minority owner in Qarblo Energy AB. The investment in hydrogen in the company Nilsson Energy and the sister company Hydri with public hydrogen filling stations for mobility forms a platform for the company's existing and future investments in the energy/environmental and sustainability sectors.

"Making the hydrogen society happen"

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Cleancon is a three year, cross-border initiative within the Interreg Øresund-Kattegat-Skagerak program, promoting the use of emission free vehicles and machinery in construction projects and in municipal operations. The project partners aim to increasing the use of renewable energy in the construction sector. Construction machinery accounts for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. In the municipality of Oslo, this proportion is estimated at approx. 25%. In Sweden, the corresponding share was 20% (2010). The Swedish Transport Administration’s forecast indicates that this will increase to 50% in 2050 if no action is taken.

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