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Mariestad starts construction on hydrogen fuelled pre-school powered by a Nilsson Energy RE8760 solution

We are happy to announce that the construction of the hydrogen fuelled pre-school in Mariestad, Sweden has now commenced. Nilsson Energy is supplying the turnkey RE8760 system solution, including seasonal storage in green hydrogen, that will power the school. The project is featured in H2-View. Please take part via the following link: https://www.h2-view.com/story/mariestad-starts-construction-on-hydrogen-fuelled-pre-school/  

Our Story

It all started with Mr. Nilsson investing in a +500 m2 off-grid state of the art family home. Soon to be a highly sought after demo site and Nilsson Energy R&D living-lab hosting 6500 visiting individuals- so far.

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