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We provide tailored solutions for production, storage and usage of hydrogen for various applications based on customer needs. Our offering covers the entire value chain and our team confidently guides through each phase of the project to ensure a smooth journey, from start to finish.


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Areas of use for hydrogen

Due to its versatility, hydrogen has great potential in various parts of society, above all in energy storage and fossil-free vehicle fuel. Both of these will be needed to balance intermittent energy sources and enable transportation without greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen is an energy carrier and can be used to store and transport renewable energy from, for example, sun and wind, until it is needed. By converting hydrogen via a fuel cell, you get electricity back. Hydrogen can also be used as fuel for vehicles or as an energy source in industrial processes.

Our offer spans the entire value chain, from comprehensive feasibility studies, product design, installation, commissioning to service and maintenance of hydrogen-based energy systems.

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