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Electricity to go

Electricity to go

Accelerate the energy transition with a fuel cell power generator

Forget fumes, earmuffs and masks – the only output from the fuel cell power generator is water and is perfect for those who need a strong power supply, without compromising on emission output.  

The fuel cell power generator combines a fuel cell and the latest battery technology to produce reliable, efficient and optimal power. There is no exhaust and no noise - the only by-product is water.

The power you need, without CO2 emissions, particulate matter or noise

Eco-friendly back-up power

Regardless of energy needs, the use of a fuel cell power generator can accelerate the energy transition to use renewable energy sources and adds value for many applications. Examples are for socially critical operations, construction sites, civil and military operations, media and communications or at events etc. If needed we also provide a local solution for hydrogen production at site or if you want to buy it from a hydrogen producer. You can easily add hydrogen storage or prepare for electromobility by adding dispensers for charging BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicle). We adapt the hydrogen system solution to your needs and if you are unsure of what you need, we can carry out a complete feasibility study to be able to offer you the best adapted, robust and efficient solution.

The generator in numbers

  • Dimensions 3300 x 1100 x 2252 mm
  • Mass 3.4 tons
  • Power 110 kVA / 88 kW in ESP, 100 kVA / 80 kW in PRP

  • Output voltage 400 VAC / 480 VAC
  • Frequency output 50 Hz - 60 Hz
  • Consumption 4,8 Kg/h @Pmax
  • Protection index IP43

Electricity to ensure increased preparedness

Robust energy supply

The fuel cell generator supports a safe electricity supply where it's needed. With a fuel cell generator and a rack of stored hydrogen, you have electricity when and where it is needed. The generator is silent and the "exhaust gases" consist only of water with a low impact on the surrounding environment.

Optimised Power For Any Application

Electricity when and where you need it

Be sure to always have electricity when you need it, in the event of a power outage or if the electricity grid is not sufficient. With a fuel cell generator, you always have access to electricity, when and where you need it. In case of major accidents or other crises in society. We adjust how much hydrogen you need according to how long you need to have a backup.

Decarbonizing off-grid power

Replace fossil generators

Use a fuel cell generator to reduce the need for diesel and other fossil fuel generators. It is perfect for construction sites, road works, agriculture or at larger events and concerts where there is a need for electricity and heat. The generator is portable and can easily be transported to the next project or event. As the only emission is water and the noise level is low, which can make a big difference in heavily loaded urban and work environments.

Always have electricity where it's needed

Charging BEV

With a fuel cell generator, a portable charging station and enough stored hydrogen, you always have electricity without burdening the current electricity grid or where no electricity is available. Regardless of whether it concerns a skiing trip to the mountains, a holiday on the west coast or a boat trip to an island in the archipelago. The fuel cell generator also ensures a robust access to electricity and EV charging in case of increased emergency readiness.

Who need an optimised and robust eco-friendly power?

  • Civil and military operations
  • Socially critical operations as: hospitals, sewer power plants, waste and recycle facilities, rescue service etc
  • Construction sites (off-grid and city areas)

  • Events (concerts & sporting events)
  • Seasonal use: ski resorts, marinas, hiking trails etc.
  • Emergency applications (data centres, hospitals & airports)
  • Mine sites & tunnels


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