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Mariestad, Sweden


Nilsson Energy is delivering a complete hydrogen energy system for electricity and heat to a pre-school in the middle of Mariestad. The building has solar panels on the roof which is supplying the preschool with direct electricity. The surplus is stored in batteries and in hydrogen to be used when needed.

Short about the project

  • A self-contained microgrid to a desired level – new safety node in a municipality
  • Onsite production from solar / grid and local consumption of green H2

  • Heatpumps and H2
  • Storing 30-40 MWh (seasonal)
  • Pushing new permitting procedures and legislation

A simple explaination how the system works

We store the sun until needed

During the bright summer months, the solar panels produce more electricity than the building consumes, meaning the excess first charges the battery and when full, hydrogen is created through electrolysis and stored in hydrogen tanks until needed. When the sun is not enough, the hydrogen is converted into electricity via a fuel cell.


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Energy and heating in buildings

Energy system solution for future generations

Imagine a preschool that works independently, produces its own electricity and heat while being kind to the environment. This is made possible by a hydrogen energy system from Nilsson Energy. Not only does it reduce carbon emissions, but it also educates children about sustainability and clean energy. The preschool will also serve as a shining example for society and showcase the possibilities of renewable energy. We hope it will inspire the adoption of sustainable practices, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and pave the way for a greener future. Investing in sustainability benefits us all and creates a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.

En trygg punkt i samhället

Förskolan blir en samlingsplats vid en eventuell kris. Eftersom att den är självförsörjande på el och värme fungerar den även som en central punkt vid ett längre strömavbrott, även under vintertid.

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