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H2 filling station

Port of Gothenburg, Sweden

H2 filling station

Establishing of a hydrogen filling station - Gothenburg

Nilsson Energy has received funds to establish a hydrogen filling station at the Port of Gothenburg, through an award in the Swedish Energy Agency's call for Regional electrification pilots for heavy transport.

The filling station will be right next to the entrance to the Gothenburg RoRo Terminal – one of the places in Sweden most intensively used by heavy trucks. The station will supply green hydrogen only and is set to be completed during summer 2024

Facts about the H2 refueling station

  • Where: At the Port of Gothenburg by gate 6, just next to the Gothenburg RoRo Terminal and Arken SPA.
  • How: The station will deliver green hydrogen generated by solar, wind or hydro power.
  • Hydrogen capacity: 1,500 kg, approx. 35 trucks/day
  • How many vehicles can fill up simultaneously: 2

  • Financing: The project is being financed in full by the Swedish Energy Agency.
  • Launch: Summer 2024
Ground work - winter - spring 2024
It’s a much-requested addition to the port, one that’s also fully in line with our strategy to create conditions for accelerating the transport industry’s transition to fossil-free.

Viktor AllgurénHead of Innovation at the Gothenburg Port of Authority

H2 refueling infrastructure

Contribution to the construction of the infrastructure for green hydrogen.

Building a hydrogen refueling station in such a central junction for heavy vehicles and for the automotive industry, as well as Scandinavia's largest port and the gateway to the world for large parts of Swedish industry, is very motivating. In close cooperation with the Port of Gothenburg and other nearby stakeholders, Nilsson Energy will contribute to the construction of tank infrastructure for green hydrogen, says Pontus Lundgren, Partner at Nilsson Energy.

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