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Turnkey solutions

Turnkey solutions

Safe and robust solution

Hydrogen system design

Our expertise in system integration design distinguishes Nilsson Energy as a preferred partner. Our employees possess in-depth knowledge to select the exact equipment for each application based on the customer's requirements. We work in a structured way to evaluate and collaborate with various suppliers of important components such as electrolysers, compressors, fuel cells and storage solutions.

Project management

Our experienced project management team is dedicated to ensuring the successful planning, execution, and completion of your projects. With a wealth of expertise, we navigate the complexities of project development, coordinating resources, timelines, and deliverables to meet and exceed your expectations. Trust us to bring efficiency, organization, and a proven track record to your projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within scope.

Engineering disciplines

Designing a secure and reliable hydrogen system solution demands a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on diverse engineering expertise. Key disciplines we offer, vital for ensuring safety, include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, safety technology, and instrumentation and control technology. Collaboration among these engineering disciplines is crucial to craft a comprehensive and secure solution for hydrogen systems. Each discipline brings specialized knowledge to address specific system aspects, ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and, above all, prioritizing safety throughout the system's lifecycle.


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