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We are a fantastic team with a strong forward-thinking spirit, brimming with optimism and commitment.

We are a fantastic team with a strong forward-thinking spirit, brimming with optimism and commitment.

Meet Anton Jacobson, Data Scientist at Nilsson Energy.

Anton Jacobson

Team Nilsson Energy - Anton Jacobson

Anton became a part of Team Nilsson Energy in the fall of 2022, working on creating a solid database architecture that forms the basis for efficient and reliable data storage and analysis systems. He is a trained Master of Science from Chalmers University of Technology, specializing in automation and mechatronics. Additionally, he has honed his skills with a master's degree in industrial ecology, focusing on various methods to calculate and analyze climate impact and the use of political control measures.

Anton's previous work experiences include the automotive industry, where he worked on active safety and sensors, and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, where he was involved in the development of IVL's patent for a water sensor measuring turbidity, i.e., a measure assessing the degree of cloudiness in water. Moreover, Anton has worked on development, data analysis, and database infrastructure, skills that have proven very useful in his current role at Nilsson Energy.

With his solid education, passion for technology, and dedication to environmental and sustainability issues, Anton is an asset to our team.

Why did you choose Nilsson Energy?

"I wasn't actively seeking a new job when I saw the job posting, but it inspired me so much that I felt compelled to apply. I wanted to be part of something innovative and meaningful, and this job seemed to offer precisely that opportunity, as hydrogen will become one of the crucial pieces in the transition to sustainable energy solutions. While my previous experiences were rewarding, I wanted the chance to get closer to practical realities and directly contribute to a positive impact on society. Research can sometimes be abstract, and I wanted to see the results of my work more concretely.

Additionally, Nilsson Energy was a young company in an expansive phase, which appealed to me a lot."

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

"One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the collaboration and dynamics within the team. We are a fantastic group with a strong forward-thinking spirit, full of optimism and commitment. It feels like we all want to move forward and work towards common goals, and that energy permeates the entire workplace. We are passionate about solving problems and tackling challenges together.

Another aspect I appreciate is the opportunity for constant development. We have a competent and versatile staff with different areas of expertise. Being close to decision-making is also a crucial factor. There is minimal bureaucracy hindering ideas from becoming a reality. It gives us the freedom to translate our visions into practice. It's also an incredible feeling to bounce ideas and thoughts off various colleagues. This openness and collaboration give us the opportunity to become something greater together and achieve fantastic results.

So, the most enjoyable part of my job is undoubtedly the fantastic team, the opportunity for personal development, and the creative freedom we have here."

Tips for those who want to work at Nilsson Energy?

"Nilsson Energy offers opportunities for those with the right skills and mindset. If you are ready to contribute to our goal in sustainable energy and are prepared to be self-reliant and committed, it can be an exciting workplace to explore."

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