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The enthusiasm of the team at Nilsson Energy is truly inspiring!

The enthusiasm of the team at Nilsson Energy is truly inspiring!

Meet Kristofer Dingwell, Risk Engineer

From May 2023, Kristofer Dingwell is working as a risk engineer at Nilsson Energy. As Nilsson Energy has a long-term aspiration to strengthen our own competence in relevant areas, Kristofer's expertise is a valuable piece of the puzzle in the development of our process safety work.

 Safe and reliable hydrogen systems are our highest priority, and in the role as risk engineer, focuses on managing and minimizing potential risk. This includes reviewing the safety of the systems and installations we provide, that we comply with European directives such as ATEX and that we can implement CE marking of our systems.

 Kristofer lives with his wife and three children in Stenungsund, just north of Gothenburg. He has a master's degree in chemical engineering and a licentiate degree in process engineering. Previously, Kristofer worked at the petrochemical company Borealis in Stenungsund, where he held a couple of positions during his 12 years in the company, as process engineer and senior researcher.

 Why did you choose Nilsson Energy?

 "I was contacted by a recruiter and immediately realized that Nilsson Energy offered me a golden opportunity to share my experience from an established process industry.

 What attracted me was also the chance to be involved in formulation and development of how we manage risk at our facilities. In addition, I see a huge potential for personal development, given that Nilsson Energy is currently a smaller company with significant growth opportunities." 

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

 "The enthusiasm of the employees at Nilsson Energy is truly inspiring! It is both encouraging and rewarding to be part of a company that works so intensely and is committed to create a better future for generations to come. Everyone shares an irreplaceable faith and a strong will to influence and drive the transition towards renewable energy solutions in various areas. I feel confident that safety is an absolute priority when we break new ground using hydrogen outside of traditional industry, and that our path is also sustainable."

 "It is truly a pleasure to work together with such competent and pleasant colleagues. I have close cooperation with almost everyone in the company, from the development group that focuses on software solutions for automatic control to other engineering disciplines such as process, electrical and mechanical. It facilitates my work, together with my skilled colleagues, to create working methods, routines and methods that ensure safe facilities."

 What tips would you like to give someone who wants to work at Nilsson Energy?

 “The company and the industry are undergoing impressive growth, which requires flexibility and humility. Here, everyone is pulling in the same direction to reach our goals. This means you may have to take on tasks that may not be clearly stated in your job description."

"If you enjoy challenges, want to be part of an exciting journey and influence the energy solutions of the future, then Nilsson Energy is the right place for you," concludes Kristofer.


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