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Showcasing hydrogen solutions to a Japanese delegation

Showcasing hydrogen solutions to a Japanese delegation

Last week we had the honor of presenting our expertise in hydrogen solutions to a distinguished delegation from Japan.

Visit from Kanagawa, Japan

Led by Motoya Kato, the Speaker of the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly, the delegation and his colleagues were invited by the Länstyrelsen of Västra Götaland for a series of meetings with local businesses and public services.

SEEL Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory

During the visit, our friends at SEEL Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory presented their pioneering laboratory dedicated to research and development of electromobility. This state-of-the-art facility not only facilitates battery testing, but also offers the opportunity to test hydrogen vehicles. It is noteworthy that Nilsson Energy has helped with installation from external hydrogen storage into the building.

Nilsson Energy at Gateway Säve

A highlight of the delegation's visit was a comprehensive tour of our assembly shop, which gave them a first-hand look at the components and systems involved in our hydrogen solutions. The delegation showed great interest and asked insightful questions regarding functionality and applications of various components and hydrogen solutions.

The enthusiasm shown by the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly delegation underscores the global interest in hydrogen solutions, and we are eager to explore further opportunities for knowledge sharing and joint initiatives.

We believe that collaboration is crucial to the development of renewable energy solutions as it brings together different expertise, resources and perspectives. It accelerates innovation, facilitates knowledge sharing and tackles complex challenges more effectively. Collective efforts improve the scalability and impact of renewable energy solutions and promote a sustainable and resilient energy transition.

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