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Nilsson Energy talks about hydrogen with students

Nilsson Energy talks about hydrogen with students

Earlier this week, Nilsson Energy had the privilege of being welcomed to Gislaved's high school, where we had the opportunity to inform the students about hydrogen - its applications, potential uses and the innovative solutions we are currently developing.

Hans-Olof Nilsson present hydrogen solutions to students

Gislaved high school - Sweden

Gislaved's high school is an educational institution with a wide range of national programs, ranging from basic theoretical studies for university preparation to practical vocational training. With a student body of just over 1,000 students, the school offers a dynamic learning environment.

Our presentation was attended by approximately 200 young minds attending programs focused on technology, electricity, energy and nature.

Hans-Olof Nilsson and Abdallah Abou-Taouk presented practical experiences in designing hydrogen-based tailor-made solutions for local energy and heat supply, the components involved and showcased examples of our remarkable projects for example highlighting the detailed features of our 'Living lab'.

The students were curious and had many smart questions. The topics ranged from the rate of acceleration in hydrogen cars to the potential use of the oxygen generated during the electrolysis process.

The enthusiasm and curosity shown by the students underlined a genuine interest in clean energy solutions. Witnessing this potiential from the younger generation leaves us optimistic and calm about our shared future.

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