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Nilsson Energy at the Hydrogen Conference

Nilsson Energy at the Hydrogen Conference

At the hydrogen conference in Stockholm 6-7 December, energy enthusiasts and industry professionals gathered for a couple of days of insightful and exciting presentations and discussions.

Martina Wettin interviewed by Maria Malmqvist, vd Energigas Sverige

Committed participants with a lot of energy

The commitment among the participants was strong, leading to the establishment of numerous new contacts.

The well-organized conference, coordinated by Energiforsk, Luleå University of Technology CH2ESS, Rise, Hydrogen Sweden, Energigas Sweden, and Energiföretagen, aimed to enhance understanding of hydrogen's crucial role in successfully navigating the energy and climate transition.

Our co-founder, @martina-wettin, was one of the presenters during the conference, addressing the theme "How we actively contribute to the development of the hydrogen society through tangible projects - an international perspective."

From thought-provoking presentations to engaging workshops and lively networking sessions, the event served as a melting pot of ideas, insights, and a shared commitment to drive positive change towards a clean energy society.

Thank you for two days filled with energy, inspiration, and the promise of a greener and more sustainable future!

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