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Prioritizing safety standards is a fundamental principle in our hydrogen solutions

Prioritizing safety standards is a fundamental principle in our hydrogen solutions

As we progress towards a future where hydrogen technology becomes increasingly pivotal in transitioning to sustainable energy systems, there arises a growing necessity to adapt regulations, conduct comprehensive risk analyses, and develop safety processes to meet emerging challenges.

The final steps to commission the hydrogen system are underway, with the installation of the hydrogen mast currently in progress.

Hydrogen - a solution for year-round electricity self-sufficiency

At Nilsson Energy, prioritizing safety stands as a fundamental principle in our endeavors to develop and implement hydrogen solutions, aiming not only to safeguard individuals and the environment but also to ensure the dependable and sustainable utilization of hydrogen.

About the project - a sustainable preschool in Mariestad

Preschool Mariestad - Sweden

Mariestad municipality stands at the forefront of the drive towards a climate-neutral future by 2030, with Kronoparken's preschool serving as a cornerstone in this effort through its adoption of sustainable energy solutions. This preschool, featuring eight sections and inaugurated in January 2022, harnesses solar energy to meet its needs during sunlit months while contributing surplus energy to the public grid.

Hydrogen for electricity self-supply

Nilsson Energy's project at Kronoparken's preschool exemplifies how surplus energy from solar panels can be stored as hydrogen, subsequently converted back into electricity and heat during darker months through a fuel cell.

Despite the concept's simplicity in theory, implementation has encountered several challenges:

  • Risk and safety analyses
    Advancements in risk analyses and safety processes for hydrogen use have accelerated, propelled by technological progress, heightened awareness, and more stringent regulations. Consequently, project timelines have experienced delays due to necessitated design alterations and system adjustments, often on short notice.

  • Component supply
    Securing critical components like electrolysers, fuel cells, hydrogen storage tanks, and compressors has proven challenging, partly due to suppliers adapting to meet new standards and safety requirements, as well as encountering disruptions in supply chains during the pandemic and other logistical challenges.

  • Competence development
    Since its inception in 2017, Nilsson Energy has grown in tandem with the burgeoning hydrogen industry, leading to concurrent advancements in the company's and the industry's expertise in areas such as process optimization, automation, and risk management.

Safety checks on the electrolyser

Current status

"We are in the final stages, completing the last connections, pressure tests, and system checks to commence hydrogen production once sufficient solar energy is available. Our aim is to have everything operational and handed over to Mariestad municipality by the end of April," concludes Henrik Unosson, HSEQ lead at Nilsson Energy and project manager.

Henrik Unosson HSEQ Lead and project manager for the projectOptimizing electricity independence with hydrogen solutions from Nilsson Energy

At Nilsson Energy, customization is at the heart of what we do. We design our hydrogen solutions to cater specifically to your unique requirements. Whether you're looking to offset your reliance on purchased electricity or seeking a clean, reliable backup power source, our hydrogen systems offer a path to a more resilient and sustainable energy future.

Understanding the perfect solution for your needs might seem daunting, but that's where we excel. We conduct detailed feasibility studies to ensure the solution we propose aligns perfectly with your energy goals, offering a combination of robustness, efficiency, and sustainability tailored just for you.

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