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Establishment and service of hydrogen fueling infrastructure

Establishment and service of hydrogen fueling infrastructure

Nilsson Energy offer a wide range of solutions for electromobility infrastructure.

Establishment of hydrogen fueling stations

We possess the practical competence and expertise in designing and establishing complete hydrogen refueling stations or minor solutions for integrating refueling dispensers at your location. Two of our ongoing projects are the establishment of hydrogen refueling stations in Nykvarn and the port of Gothenburg. Access to hydrogen can be produced locally if possible or transported in containers.

Maximize performance and hire our professional service organization!

With our expertise and experience, we provide you with a range of benefits such as, for example, regular maintenance and thorough inspections to ensure optimal operation and prevent any problems. Our service team is available to quickly resolve outages and minimize service station disruption. we provide you with a safe and reliable service at your hydrogen filling stations.

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