World-first self-sufficient housing planned in Jönköping, Sweden

Municipal housing provider Vätterhem is planning to construct apartment buildings  that are not connected to any municipal network. Usually, the term off-grid refers to buildings that are self-sufficient with regard to energy. These buildings will be self-sufficient when it comes to energy and water, and they will also take care of their own wastewater – making them 100% off-grid.

“We’ve been working with the YEAH (Yellon Environmental Aesthetic Housing) concept for over four years, in partnership with a range of expert companies in different areas. Rather early on, we realized that implementing a project of this nature would require a real estate company that builds with long-term management in focus, because the initial investment is rather substantial. We hope to show that the investment pays off over time, since a building stands for a good 80 years or longer. Our thoughts went immediately to municipal real estate companies and Vätterhem in particular. Vätterhem’s management liked the idea, and for the past year and a half we’ve been sharing ownership of the concept and pursuing the project together,” says Pär Löfstedt, Project Manager, Yellon.

“Nilsson Energy is proud to be able to deliver its renewable energy system to the YEAH project. We deliver a robust energy supply by storing renewable energy from the sun and wind until needed. The right mix of batteries and long-term stored energy in hydrogen to ensure energy supply, not only for the house but also for the residents. The launch of the project at the same time as Sweden decided on a green hydrogen strategy is excellent and reinforces the awareness that decentralized CO2-free energy supply is a valid complement to existing infrastructure. ” says Martina Wettin, Founding Partner / Market & PR of Nilsson Energy.

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