Visit from Ador Powertron – India


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to welcome Pradeep Makwana, Executive of Engineering & Development from Ador Powertron to a windy, cold, and rainy Gothenburg, Sweden. The Indian company @adorpowertron is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Transformer-Rectifier sets and controls in the world and we have successfully been collaborating for many years.

The purpose of the visit was to do a commissioning of a baby charger from Quench EV Chargers. The commissioning went faultless, and everything worked smoothly. The power to the charger came from the EODev fuel cell generator and this combo have never been tested before.

We are also glad to be able to show that the EODev fuel cell generator works perfectly with the portable EV charger. They can be used wherever the grid does not have sufficient electrical capacity or for seasonal usage, for example at remote ski resorts.