RE8760 Customer Application (CA) 

The unique “box”

The RE8760 CA offer:

  1. Notification of interest: Please define your project´s prerequisites and desired needs by filling out the form to the right.
  2. Initial assessment: Based on your initial data Nilsson Energy makes a first assessment and developes a draft of the RE8760 Customer Application renewable energy solution that will cater to your needs.
  3. Pre-study: If you you want to move forward Nilsson Energy conducts an indepth analysis of the prerequisites at your site,  configurate the soft-ware to match the designed hard-ware solutions needed to develop your bespoked RE8760 CA. The fee for this pre-study is fully refundable, should you go ahead and realize your project.
  4.  Turn-key delivery: Once the solution is signed off, Nilsson Energy works up a full implementation plan, agrees with you on critical milestones, and completes the project.
  5. Sysem Manintenance: To ensure the best performance of your system, Nilsson Energy ideally enters into a maintenance agreement with you. This agreement will be tailored according to your local resource capability, and cover a multi-year timeframe.


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