We make it possible to store renewable energy from sun, wind and water until it’s needed.

Nilsson Energy is a system integrator who develops, design, integrates and maintains decentralised energy systems based on green hydrogen. We contribute to a safe and sustainable energy supply in all parts of the society.  Our customers are active in different industries as for example: energy, automotives, real estate, logistics or municipalities.

As a system integrator, Nilsson Energy is responsible for joining together various components, technologies and systems to create an overall solution for the production, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen.

Our products


Hydrogen production for customers who need to use hydrogen in their processes or in their development process. With a Nilsson Energy industry system solution you are able to replace fossil energy sources with green hydrogen.

Area of use

  • R&D facilities
  • Power systems
  • Industrial processes
  • Mining
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Machineries


Electricity and heating systems for customers who want to be completely self-sufficient or cut power peaks.. With a Nilsson Energy building system solution you will be partially or completely self-sufficient in electricity and heat. The system solution can also reduce or cut power peaks.

Area of use

  • Offices
  • Logistics centers
  • Schools and pre-schools
  • Other real estate

The system solutions protects vital societal functions & critical infrastructure by providing security nodes.

See example, Green hydrogen pre-school in Mariestad


Refueling infrastructure for important logistics nodes for refueling and charging battery or fuel cell powered electric vehicles. The system solution can include production of hydrogen on site or with portable hydrogen storages.

Hydrogen refueling stations enables the transition to fuel cells driven vehicles, ships and machineries.

Area of use

  • Logistic clusters
  • Ports
  • Airports


Emission-free backup power and energy supply for customers who need to replace fossil energy sources such as diesel generators. The EODev portable fuel cell generator provides unique opportunities wherever zero emission energy is needed.

  • Back-up power and electricity supply where there is no electricity grid

The generator can be applied to a wide range of different needs, ranging from where fossil-free electricity is needed without burdening the regular electricity grid, or where there is simply no power available to take from the fixed electricity grid. The generator can also secure back-up power for community-critical operations or be part of increased preparedness where, for example, an increasingly electrified vehicle fleet is without the necessary supply.

  • Say goodbye to the diesel generator

With the fuel cell generator, the need for diesel and other fossil-powered generators is reduced. It is perfect for construction sites, road works, agriculture or at larger events and concerts where there is a need for electricity and heat. As the generator is mobile and easy to handle, it can be moved to the next project or event, depending on the need.There are many areas of use for the generator, which can also be set up indoors in a ventilated environment. Getting generators out in, for example, heavily loaded urban environments can have a big positive impact

  • Charge electric vehicles and boats where the power grid is not sufficient

The product series that Nilsson Energy is now bringing to the market is also available in a marine application, which will facilitate the transition to electrification in the boating industry.

By connecting to a mobile charging station, it is also possible to charge cars where there is no possibility today.

Area of use

  • Construction sites
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Hospitals or other critical businesses
  • Events
  • Ski resorts
  • Remote turist attractions
  • Sporting events

Custom-made energy systems

A Nilsson Energy system caters to commercial custom er needs using proven and commercialized technology. Our product portfolio are consisting of industrial applications, construction and property applications as well as applications for infrastructure in strategically important areas.

Stationary or container based applications (power boxes) with decentralised onsite hydrogen production bringing emission free microgrids and energy applications, back-up power, peak-shaving and  on-site hydrogen production to the market. Renewable Energy solutions for all the 8760 hours that make out a year.  

Nilsson Energy RECA

The IP portfolio RECA contains bespoke optimizing and steering algorithms for the product range of application. By applying its unique calculation, design and steering formula RECA Nilsson Energy provides turn-key projects with attached service and maintenance agreements.

Nilsson Energy use solar and/or wind power, add water and create decentalised and emission free plug-and-play energy solutions via electrolyse, battery storage and long-term storage in hydrogen. When additional energy is needed the stored hydrogen is converted to electricity and heat via fuel-cell technology. RE8760 can use any water supply available and can bring water to site creating closed system solutions should this be required.

Nilsson Energy – Hydrogen System Integration

Our systems contribute to a safe and sustainable energy supply in all parts of society. We design, build and install hydrogen-based systems that support customers’ needs throughout the value chain.

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