Decentralised H2 production RE8760 for a multitude of applications

There is a shortage of system integrators with proven project deliveries including seasonal storage of renewable energy. Nilsson Energy fills the gap by offering  turn-key renewable energy system solutions called RE8760. Stationary or container based applications (power boxes) with decentralised onsite hydrogen production bringing emission free microgrids and energy applications, back-up power, peak-shaving and  on-site hydrogen production to the market.

Renewable Energy solutions for all the 8760 hours that make out a year. As simple as that!

By applying its unique calculation, design and steering formula RECA Nilsson Energy provides turn-key projects with attached service and maintenance agreements.

Nilsson Energy use solar and/or wind power, add water and create decentalised and emission free plug-and-play energy solutions via electrolyse, battery storage and long-term storage in hydrogen. When additional energy is needed the stored hydrogen is converted to electricity and heat via fuel-cell technology. RE8760 can use any water supply available and can bring water to site creating closed system solutions should this be required. A RE8760 system also produces oxygen when splitting H20 into H2 and O2 creating yet a valuable resource for its customer.

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RE8760 Overview.

A Nilsson Energy RE8760 system caters to commercial customer needs using proven and commercialized technology. The IP portfolio RECA contains bespoke optimizing and steering algorithms for the product range of applications. 

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