Press release – Nilsson Energy first in Sweden to offer a zero-emission portable fuel cell generator!

Nilsson Energy has signed a distribution agreement with the French company EODev (Energy Observer Developments) to sell GEH2® fuel cell power generators on the Nordic market. The portable fuel cell generator provides unique opportunities wherever zero emission energy is needed.

Nilsson Energy is a system integrator that develops, designs, installs and services decentralized energy systems with green hydrogen as an energy carrier. A fuel cell generator is a welcome addition to its existing product portfolio consisting of industrial applications, construction and property applications as well as applications for infrastructure in strategically important areas.

The fuel cell generator is absolutely “state of the art” and we see enormous potential in being able to offer zero emission electricity wherever it is needed. In addition, we can supply it with hydrogen and either sell or lease, which further facilitates handling for our customers,” says Pontus Lundgren, CEO of Nilsson Energy.

With the opportunity to sell portable fuel cell generators, Nilsson Energy takes the next step towards being a leading integrator of decentralized hydrogen systems. Systems that will be vital in the transition to a robust and secure society with access to renewable energy.

Sweden is a particularly promising country for the deployment of our zero emission power solutions and we are very pleased to welcome Nilsson Energy to our distribution network. We have found in Nilsson Energy a serious partner with a strong expertise in the field of hydrogen and a highly motivated team that shares our commitment to provide an excellent service to our customers, “says Stéphane Jardin, Chief Commercial Officer, EODev.

The fuel cell generator is manufactured by EODev outside Paris and the “heart” of the generator is a Toyota fuel cell, the same technology that powers Toyota’s hydrogen car Mirai. The agreement follows a first successful collaboration including the GEH2® between Nilsson Energy and Toyota Sweden earlier this year.

The fuel cell generator that converts green hydrogen into electrical energy is a good example of how the technology from the Toyota Mirai can be used in interesting new contexts. Thanks to Nilsson Energy, the technology is now available in Sweden, which I see as an interesting and useful development,” says Christian Norberg, CEO of Toyota Sweden AB.

Back-up power and electricity supply where there is no electricity grid

The generator can be applied to a wide range of different needs, ranging from where fossil-free electricity is needed without burdening the regular electricity grid, or where there is simply no power available to take from the fixed electricity grid. The generator can also secure back-up power for community-critical operations or be part of increased preparedness where, for example, an increasingly electrified vehicle fleet is without the necessary supply.

Say goodbye to the diesel generator

With the fuel cell generator, the need for diesel and other fossil-powered generators is reduced. It is perfect for construction sites, road works, agriculture or at larger events and concerts where there is a need for electricity and heat. As the generator is mobile and easy to handle, it can be moved to the next project or event, depending on the need.There are many areas of use for the generator, which can also be set up indoors in a ventilated environment. Getting generators out in, for example, heavily loaded urban environments can have a big positive impact

Charge electric vehicles and boats where the power grid is not sufficient

The product series that Nilsson Energy is now bringing to the market is also available in a marine application, which will facilitate the transition to electrification in the boating industry. By connecting to a mobile charging station, it is also possible to charge cars where there is no possibility today.

The GEH2 in a few figures

  • Dimensions                                   3300 x 1100 x 2252 mm
  • Mass                                                3.4 tons
  • Power                                              110 kVA / 88 kW in ESP, 100 kVA / 80 kW in PRP
  • Output voltage                              400 VAC / 480 VAC
  • Frequency output                         50 Hz – 60 Hz
  • Consumption                                4,8 Kg/h @Pmax
  • Protection index                           IP43

The introduction with the 110 KVA generator is just the beginning of the upcoming and expanded version with 8 models in the power range from 10 to 1750 KVA which will be launched starting in 2024.

Additional information please contact:

Martina Wettin, Chief Business Development Officer
+46 73 618 74 04

Eva Corell, Head of Communication
+46 70 433 14 32

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