Off-grid solar powered hydrogen refuelling station

Mariestad (Sweden)
Game-changing off-grid solar powered, onsite emission-free hydrogen refuelling station

There is a hydrogen high-way being built all across Europe, also in Sweden, with one of the forerunners being the municipality of Mariestad situated between the capital Stockholm and the second largest city, Gothenburg. Nilsson Energy has proudly delivered its container based  RE8760 system green hydrogen production site making Mariestad a decentralised producer of hydrogen making it possible to supply a  locally established hydrogen refuelling station by the European high-way E20 with emission freee hydrogen. In addition Nilsson Energy has built the solar park that feeds the system. This is the first solar powered off-grid hydrogen refuelling station in the World that was built to be off-grid and open to the general public. The site was officially inaugurated in May 28 2019.