Public Housing Estate

Picture: Studio3D

Vårgårda (Sweden)
Revitalizing large-scale housing estates

Like in so many other countries Sweden is struggling with a large number of outdated and energy inefficient housing estates.

The municipality of Vårgårda (Vårgårda Bostäder) has decided to update, upscale and modernize a number of council houses -6 houses, 172 flats in total- by refurbishing the properties and making them energy efficient enough to be self-sufficient covering the buildings energy need (electricity and heat) by installing a Nilsson Energy RE8760 system solution

The project will when completed in 2021/22 be built as one hydrogen microgrid that will cater to all six buildings. Nilsson Energy finds this project very valuable and hope that it will stand out as a viable solution for all Swedish municipalities and its international equivalent entities with an interest in building local micro grid solutions.  In May 2020 the project was awarded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for its bravery, speed and vital contribution to the Swedish Environmental Goals. Runner-up was “Fridays for Future” founded by climate activist Greta Thunberg and the jeans company “Nudie Jeans”. 

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