Demo Site

Demo site: Gothenburg (Sweden)
Off-grid since 2015

The off-grid demo site in Agnesberg, Gothenburg (Sweden) is where it all started back in 2014/-15. Nilsson Energy was founded using the experiences gained by planning, constructing and operating the 500 m2 family home. Nilsson Energy´s founding father and owner of the demo site in Gothenburg, Mr Hans-Olof Nilsson, is today the World´s most sought after and game-changing system integration expert. By packaging all Intellectual Property (IP) into modular product solutions called RE8760 Nilsson Energy is providing a variety of off-grid energy solutions to public and commercial customers alike.

To date mote than 4000 professionals, scholars, students and members of the general public have visited and learned about living in an off-grid solar powered safe, easy to operate and modern house. The house generates 3.000 Nm3 hydrogen from its 23 kWp of solar panels. The household is completely self sufficient on heat and power and also powers two electric cars in its modern garage adjacent to the living area of the house.

Want to take a full tour online? Please take part of the impressions gained by a study visit conducted by a journalist, Michael Jensen.

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