Nilsson Energy maintenance team went to France for further education on the EODev fuel cell generator.

From the left: Tomas Hansson, Niclas Lindewall, Nicklas Netteus, Jimmy Nyberg och Harald Bouma

Nilsson Energy is the Swedish distributor of the EODev fuel cell generator. Last week our maintenance team travelled to Energy Observer Development’s EODev production facility that is situated in Montlhéry, about 26 kilometers south of Paris to continue the training for the generator.

Gilles Payet-Burin, Logistics & After Sales Manager at EODev, held the course and he did a splendid job. The maintenance team thought the education was rewarding, interesting and they learned a lot. There was a mix of both theory and practical education of the generator’s components. They also got an exclusive tour of the factory and saw the process how the generator were assembled.