Nilsson Energy is featured in the lastest H2 View

Martina Wettin co-founder Nilsson EnergyWe are proud that our co-founder Martina Wettin was featured in the latest edition of H2View talking about the importance and relevance of small-scale local hydrogen-based energy systems for many different applications in the society.

” As previously stated, from experience Nilsson Energy knows that small scale technology is mature enough to scale with a multitude of projects and we want to be a force within this space working closely with our partners and colleagues within the hydrogen industry to get more practical experience, creating a greener future together.

In conclusion, we will have the gigawatt and the multi-megawatt hardware with its software solutions ready to scale, but currently what is working and what should not be frowned upon is the smaller applications.”

Read the full article here, available until Friday 18 August without subscription)