Introducing children to renewable energy and hydrogen: The investment that shapes a sustainable future


At the beginning of May, Malin Ehrle, Head of Projects, spoke to primary school students at Furuhällsskolan, which is located just outside Gothenburg. The school works actively with both society and nature, which is often used in daily operations.

Teaching children about sustainable energy can be one of the most valuable investments we can make for the future of our planet and Malin’s presentation was appreciated by both children and teachers

The children are our future and by discussing sustainability and renewable energy at an early age, we can:

  1. Build awareness and responsibility: By introducing children to renewable energy and hydrogen, we can cultivate an awareness of environmental issues and responsibility to protect our planet. They become aware that we have alternatives to fossil fuels and that we can take advantage of natural resources such as sun, wind and water to generate clean energy.
  2. Stimulate technological interest: Talking to children about renewable energy opens up an exciting world of technology and innovation. They get the opportunity to learn about solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells and other advanced technologies used to produce and use renewable energy.
  3. Promote sustainable development: By showing children the potential of renewable energy and hydrogen, we can encourage them to think about sustainability in everything they do. Promoting sustainable development from a young age can help shape future leaders who prioritize ecological solutions.
  4. Enable positive engagement: By engaging children in discussions about renewable energy, we give them a sense that they can be part of the change.
  5. Show future prospects: By showing children that renewable energy and hydrogen are the energy sources of the future, you can give them hope for a sustainable and cleaner planet.