Nilsson Energy featured by Ade Adepitan in BBC documentary now available on URPlay

Team Nilsson Energy is humble and proud to introduce the BBC documentary featuring our company as being part of the solution.

Thank you @AdeAdepitan & Team for the amazing work you do! #climatechallenge #decentralisedgreenH2

Now available via URPlay. 44 min in:


Nilsson Energy welcomes Maria, new Energy Systems Engineer.

Nilsson Energy is  proud to welcome Maria Magnusson into our committed team of Energy Systems Engineers. Maria’s early interest in hydrogen-based solutions soon developed into a passion when completing her master’s degree at Chalmers University of Technology.  She has previous experience from the wind power industry working with HVDC offshore substations and will contribute with insights on how to successfully run projects with many stakeholders involved.

Getting the opportunity to work with decentralized hydrogen production from renewable energy sources is a dream come true,” Maria says. “ I am proud and excited to have joined a fast-paced company which genuinely lives up to the statement ‘Action speaks louder than words “.

Introducing Nilsson Energy´s new Energy Systems Engineer

Nilsson Energy is delighted to announce the recruitment of yet another ambitious engineer, Fabian Olsson, who joins us as Energy Systems Engineer. Fabian completed his master thesis project on decentralized hydrogen production at Linköping University and, throughout his studies, he learnt the importance of being open to innovative ways of achieving carbon neutrality and how energy storage is one of the key components in this equation.

It is an exciting time to get into the green hydrogen business because it feels like it has finally matured enough to be implemented in a wide variety of uses that have only been studied in theory before.”

Scaling up! Nilsson Energy welcomes new Head of Research & Development

Nilsson Energy welcomes Dr. Theresa Falkendal as our Head of Research and Development.

Theresa is an accomplished researcher and has previously worked at the Potsdam institute for climate impact research PIK, the European Southern Observatory ESO and Sorbonne Paris. She is experienced in international collaborations, data collection and analysis, modeling, and programming and will drive the technological development at Nilsson Energy as well as foster our collaborations with research institutes.

“Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity right now. I am excited to apply my knowledge and skills at Nilsson Energy to directly enable the development of a more sustainable society. Locally produced green hydrogen is part of the puzzle to ensure year-round renewable energy and balance intermittent electricity production. I feel humbled to have the opportunity to shape a better future for all of us!”



Nilsson Energy is very pleased to welcome Mattias Larrieu onboard to manage our organisational and business development activities. As Nilsson Energy expands rapidly, Mattias’ long experience of recruiting key positions in growing organisations will be an invaluable resource.

“I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to join Nilsson Energy – previous experience has taught me what to look for in a new employer and Nilsson Energy ticks all the boxes; a small company with skilled and highly motivated people bringing forward revolutionary ideas. I am proud to be part of the team and look forward to seeing what the future holds!

We are hiring!

Are you interested in environmental sustainability and want to join Nilsson Energy in this very exciting period of growth? We take great pride in what we do and are always looking for ambitious and committed individuals with a long-term perspective! First up: Two Energy System Energineers.

Check our open positions– we are looking forward receiving your application. You can also send your CV to:

Hans-Olof Nilsson vinnare av Stora Ingenjörspriset i Innovation

Nilsson Energy kan stolt meddela att vår medgrundare Hans-Olof Nilsson utsetts till Sveriges mest innovativa ingenjör och tilldelats Stora Ingenjörspriset!

Juryns motivering
Vinnaren visar prov på hur en individ kan nyttja hela spektrat av kompetenser inom ingenjörskonsten. Viljan att skapa en utopi bortom det centraliserade energisystemet har fått vinnaren att nyfiket testa nya lösningar för att till slut nå ett slutet energisystem helt ’off the grid’. Han har bevisat ett det, i dagens samhälle, går att vara självförsörjande på förnybar el och delar frikostigt med sig av sina erfarenheter och kunskaper om energi och vätgaslagring för att påverka både privatpersoner och beslutsfattare. Han är en sann källa till inspiration och en sann innovatör!

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PRESSRELEASE: Qarlbo new principal owner of Nilsson Energy



The Hydrogen Dome, Gothenburg

March 29. 2021


As an important part of Nilsson Energy’s growth strategy, Qarlbo AB has become the principal owner and long-term investor in the company.

Qarlbo has acquired shares corresponding to 51% of the shareholding. The three original founders Hans-Olof Nilsson, Martina Wettin and Pontus Lundgren remain as co-owners and Management Team. Pontus Lundgren will continue working in his position as CEO. In connection with the acquisition, Jan Sinclair will take on the role as Nilsson Energy’s Chairman of the Board. Qarlbo will be represented in the Board by Per-Arne Blomquist and Stefan Holmér.

Qarlbo’s investment enables a powerful expansion and intends to strengthen Nilsson Energy’s position as a progressive energy company and system integrator with hydrogen as an energy carrier. Qarlbo sees additional potential in hydrogen and the investment in Nilsson Energy will be a platform for continued investments in the sector.


Together with Qarlbo, we get even better conditions to further develop Nilsson Energy and can build an even stronger organization and platform for further expansion. It feels stimulating to work together with Qarlbo. We complement each other fantastically well. Together we will build a long-term strong company, says Pontus Lundgren, CEO, Nilsson Energy.

We like what we see in Nilsson Energy. An entrepreneurial company with good products and a strong position in an important and growing area. By becoming an owner of Nilsson Energy, we want to contribute to strengthening the company’s opportunities to grow and develop further, says Qarlbo´s CEO Per-Arne Blomquist.

Erneholm Haskel has advised Qarlbo in the transaction.


For further information please contact:

Martina Wettin, Chief Business Development Officer Nilsson Energy AB

Tel: +46 (0)760 507879

 Per-Arne Blomquist, VD Qarlbo AB

Tel: +46 (0)707 239324


Nilsson Energy is a Swedish system supplier with an internationally strong reputation. A progressive supplier of turnkey renewable energy systems with hydrogen as an energy carrier. Decentralized hydrogen production from renewable sources forms the basis for the company’s product portfolio RE8760 and the company can deliver everything from off-grid systems to flexibility services for the electricity grid, back-up power and green hydrogen for mobility. The company extends across the entire value chain, including service and maintenance. In 2020, the company was awarded the World’s best brand in the gas and hydrogen industry at the International CHARGE ENERGY Awards. The motivation read: “Action speaks louder than words”, which well reflects the company’s track record. Nilsson Energy also holds a desirable position as a Member of the EU Commission’s instrument European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Roundtable on Buildings.

Qarlbo is a Swedish investment company wholly owned by Conni Jonsson. The company is active in the areas of Entertainment & Hospitality, Health Care & Sustainability, Real Estate and Financial Investments. Qarlbo is an active and committed owner who invest long-term in businesses. Qarlbo holds investments in Pophouse Entertainment Group, Silver Life, hotel projects in Italy and now also in Nilsson Energy. 



PRESSRELEASE: Qarlbo ny huvudägare i vätgasbolaget Nilsson Energy


The Hydrogen Dome, Göteborg

29 mars 2021

Qarlbo ny huvudägare i vätgasbolaget Nilsson Energy

Som ett viktigt led i Nilsson Energys tillväxtstrategi har Qarlbo AB gått in som huvudägare och långsiktig investerare i bolaget.

Qarlbo har förvärvat aktier motsvarande 51% av aktieinnehavet. De tre ursprungliga grundarna Hans-Olof Nilsson, Martina Wettin och Pontus Lundgren kvarstår som delägare och ledningsgrupp. Pontus Lundgren fortsätter som VD. I samband med förvärvet tillträder även Jan Sinclair rollen som Nilsson Energys styrelseordförande. Qarlbos representanter i styrelsen blir Per-Arne Blomquist och Stefan Holmér.

Qarlbos investering möjliggör en kraftfull expansion och avser förstärka Nilsson Energys position som ett progressivt energibolag och systemintegratör med vätgas som energibärare. Qarlbo ser ytterligare potential i vätgas och investeringen i Nilsson Energy blir också en plattform för fortsatta investeringar i sektorn.


Tillsammans med Qarlbo får vi ännu bättre förutsättningar att vidareutveckla Nilsson Energy och kan bygga en än starkare organisation och plattform för vidare expansion. Det känns stimulerande att arbeta tillsammans med Qarlbo, vi kompletterar varandra fantastiskt bra. Tillsammans kommer vi att bygga ett långsiktigt starkt bolag, säger Pontus Lundgren, VD, Nilsson Energy.

 Vi gillar det vi ser i Nilsson Energy. Ett entreprenörsdrivet företag med bra produkter och en stark position inom ett viktigt och växande område. Genom att bli ägare i Nilsson Energy vill vi bidra till att stärka bolagets möjligheter att växa och utvecklas ytterligare, säger Qarlbos VD Per-Arne Blomquist.


Erneholm Haskel har rådgivit Qarlbo i transaktionen.


För vidare information vänligen kontakta:

Martina Wettin, Chief Business Development Officer Nilsson Energy AB

Tel: +46 (0)760 507879

 Per-Arne Blomquist, VD Qarlbo AB

Tel: +46 (0)707 239324


Nilsson Energy  är en svensk systemleverantör med internationellt starkt renommé. En progressiv leverantör av nyckelfärdiga förnybara energisystem med vätgas som energibärare. Decentraliserad vätgasproduktion från förnybara källor utgör basen för företagets produktportfölj RE8760 och företaget kan leverera allt från off-grid system till flexibilitetstjänster för elnätet, reservkraft och grön vätgas för mobilitet. Bolaget sträcker sig över hela värdekedjan inklusive service och underhåll. 2020 blev företaget utsedd till världens bästa varumärke inom gas- och vätgasbranschen vid International CHARGE ENERGY Awards. Motivationen löd: ”Action speaks louder than words”, vilket väl speglar företagets track-record. Nilsson Energy har även en åtråvärd position som medlem av EU Kommissionens instrument European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Roundtable on Buildings.

Qarlbo är ett svenskt investeringsbolag helägt av Conni Jonsson. Bolaget är verksamt inom områdena Entertainment & Hospitality; Health Care & Sustainability; Real Estate och Financial Investments. Qarlbo är aktiva och engagerade ägare som investerar långsiktigt i verksamheter. Inom Qarlbo finns investeringar i Pophouse Entertainment Group, Silver Life, hotellprojekt i Italien och nu även Nilsson Energy.