This is what a complete RE8760 container based system looks like

All the modules making out RE8760 are in place, including three containers of hydrogen storage. The photo might seem a bit gray, but soon the sun will start producing local and emission free hydrogen for vehicles to fill up and for the local grid to be regulated.
Nilsson Energy is very exited, humble and proud and above all grateful to be delivering this modular and container based renewable energy system solution to our pioneering customer in Mariestad.

Lift-off in Mariestad!

Nov 23. 2018 is an important date for Nilsson Energy as it marks the day when the first container based RE8760 was delivered to the hydrogen filling station in Mariestad. When commissioned the hydrogen filling station will be powered by the solar park adjacent to it and hydrogen for transportation will be locally produced by electrolyse from water.

Sustainable leadership and environmental challenges

On Nov 7 Nilsson Energy was invited to Trädgårdens skola in Mariestad by Länsförsäkringar and Högskolan i Skövde to give a talk on its renewable energy solutions RE8760. An audience of plus 50 individuals, politicians, local business owners and the general public alike listened actively to Mr Pär Holmgren, famous meteorologist and risk prevention specialist at Länsförsäkringar, setting the scene about the current global climate situation. Mr Holmgren painted a dark canvas and strongly underlined the serious situation mankind is facing and the outmost importance of political and individual leadership needed “yesterday” to save our planet. His talk was followed by Mr Sandor Ujvari a scientist from Högskolan i Skövde who focused on the importance of ecology and economy to make change. Martina Wettin from Nilsson Energy then gave her talk on the remedies that actually exist and the positive leadership shown by the municipality of Mariestad through “Electivillge”. Mr Jonas Johansson, Mariestad Development Director, proudly presented all of the local project and initiatives aimed at turning environmental challenges into opportunities.  Please view this film for further information.

photo: Teknikföretagen “Bredda bilden”


An Indian/Australian perspective on Nilsson Energy

There is hope yet for the future of our planet. This optimistic sentence is the headline of an article published by  Mr Ravin Mirchandani, Chairman Ador Powertron, on August 19.

In the article Mr Mirchandani transparently shares his experience visiting Sweden and the municipalities of Mariestad, Vårgårda and Gothenburg and the possibilities he foresees for the World using emission free renewable energy systems like RE8760 by Nilsson Energy.

Please view the article here.

Nilsson Energy in Almedalen

July 3.& 4. Nilsson Energy hosted a two-day event, together with Vätgas Sverige, Energigas Sverige, Impact Coatings, Mariestads kommun, myFC, Oazer, PowerCell Sweden, Sandvikens kommun and Siemens, during the Swedish annual political event “Almedalsveckan” on the island of Gotland. Nilsson Energy was engaged in numerous activities, panels and talks discussing policy and sharing its knowledge with politicians, members of the industry and the general public alike. Please press link below for details and search “Nilsson Energy”. (Swedish)


foto: SynerLeap, Jonas Bilberg


Australian study tour to Mariestad and Vårgårda

In June Nilsson Energy hosted an Australian delegation during a study visit to its customers in Mariestad and Vårgårda

Mr Criag Ehrke, Managing Director at MACK VALVES PTY LTD, and Mr Ravin Mirchandani, Director at MACK VALVES PTY LTD & Executive Chairman at Ador Powertron Limited started the tour by visiting Nilsson Energy´s demohouse in Gothenburg. After a thorough technical and financial discussion the group moved on to visit projects under construction and installation in Mariestad and Vårgårda.

In Mariestad the Mayor Mr Johan Abrahamsson welcomed the delegation and shared information about the smart city solution “Electric Village” including the World´s first solar powered hydrogen refuelling-station. The station and its energy storage, also intended for voltage/frequence regulation of the local grid, gained a lot of interest from the visiting guests.

Mr Mirchandani, Key-note speaker at Smart City India 2018 Expo, Delhi, underlined the uniqueness of what the Swedish municipalities are achieving via Nilsson Energy´s renewable energy solutions RE8760 by stating: “Nilsson has the most successful example of having a home off grid using solar based hydrogen generation anywhere in the world and has assisted the city of Mariestad to achieve its own green energy ambitions through an ambitious (yet real) solar hydrogen generation facility to fill vehicles driven on hydrogen. Neither of these have been done anywhere else in the world as yet.”

In Vårgårda Mr Jan Thorsson, Managing Director Vårgårdabostäder, proudly showed the delegation the fist house in a housing estate of six buildings that are currently being refurbished and prepared to go off-grid using a RE8760 system solution with one shared hydrogen storage for all six buildings. The delegates showed an equal interest in this solution as they previously showed in Mariestad.

To date, nearly 3.000 individuals have visited the demohouse in Gothenburg. Nilsson Energy foresees many delegations visiting our customers projects and hope this will create new opportunities for all involved.

First vital RE8760 module in place in Mariestad

The first and vital module of RE8760, a solar park delivered by Nilsson Energy´s highly professional sub-contractor AT-Solar, is in place in Mariestad. The solar park will shortly be connected and make use of the abundance of sun currently shining over the site adjacent to the already established hydrogen refuelling station.

The solar powered station and its energy storage, also intended for voltage/frequence regulation of the local grid,will be inaugurated in the autumn of 2018.
The next RE8760 moduls to be installed are hydrogen storage containers, a fuelcell, battery and inverter container followed by containers containing electrolyser and compressor.

The project in Mariestad has gained lots of national and international exposure.
Please stay tuned for further development of this game-changing project.

Nilsson Energy featured in gasworld

Nilsson Energy, its pioneering founding father Hans-Olof Nilsson and Market & PR Director Martina Wettin, has been featured by gasworld, the leading global industrial gas information provider.

Please take part of the interview here.

Photo: Harald Bouma

Successful participation at Exhibition in Mariestad

Approx. 10.000 people visited the “Bomässan-exhibition” in Mariestad between Feb. 23 – Feb. 25 making the event a formidable success. Nilsson Energy had the great opportunity of meeting customers and the general public face to face discussing energy solutions for present and future energy system solutions.

In addition to meeting the general public in the exhibition showroom, Hans-Olof Nilsson gave two public talks during the event. These gained lots of positive feedback from the crowd and since they were delivered in co-operation with VänerEnergi (Mr. Harald Bouma) and the Swedish Hydrogen Association (Mr. Björn Aronsson) the attendees were given an holistic view on energy solutions including hydrogen. Mr. Nilsson spoke in a very pragmatic manner about how a Nilsson Energy solution “RE8760” works and illuminated the different applications that are currently being developed and built in Mariestad and Vårgårda.

Nilsson Energy would like to extend a warm “thank you!” to the organisers of the Exhibition, the municipality of Mariestad, VänerEnergi and the Swedish Hydrogen association for providing such a fruitful event.

Meet Nilsson Energy in Mariestad at “Bomässan” Novab Arena Feb. 23 – 25

Nilsson Energy will be represented at the public exhibition “Bomässan” at Novab Arena in Mariestad Friday Feb. 23 – Sunday Feb. 25.

Please visit us at exhibition showroom No. 111 where we will be highlighting the possibilities a hydrogen society is bringing. Nilsson Energy will be sharing the task together with Mariestad´s municipality, Swedish Hydrogen Association and UNESCO/Biosphere.

Hans-Olof Nilsson will be giving two talks on Friday and Saturday sharing his experience as a system integrator as well as highlighting the current projects being realized in Mariestad.

For further information please follow the link below.

The exhibition is open:
Friday 12.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 10.00-17.00

Looking forward to meeting you!
The Nilsson Energy Team