My drive is to think outside the box when it comes to developing new technology.

Harald Bouma, Region Manager Skaraborg

Meet Harald Bouma, Region Manager Skaraborg.

It was love that brought our Dutchman Harald to Sweden back in 1998, and he has worked for Nilsson Energy since January 2022. Harald is located at our local office in Mariestad, and he is responsible for project management, operation and sales of our solutions in the Skaraborg region.

He is basically educated as a natural geographer, specialized in climate research. He has also a licentiate from Chalmers in environmental science, specialization in radio and space science.

Previously, Harald worked as an environmental engineer at Falbygdens Energi and Vänerenergi where he was responsible for new energy systems. During this time he came into contact with hydrogen and understood the possibilities of using it to store renewable energy.

Why did you apply to Nilsson Energy?                                                                       

“In connection with Vänerenergi investing heavily in hydrogen, including the hydrogen filling station in Mariestad, I came into contact with Hans-Olof Nilsson and the other founders of Nilsson Energy,” says Harald. “When I got the chance to start at Nilsson Energy, I didn’t hesitate for a second and I’m still responsible for operation and project management of the filling station, which is fun.”

“It’s a developing work that I really like. I think that the storage of renewable energy is one of the important challenges for the future and there hydrogen can play a big role. I’m driven by thinking outside the box when it comes to developing new technologies. It is also fun to work together with people who are passionate about the same things as me.”

“I’m looking forward to the company growing and eventually being able to have more colleagues here, although it works well with Teams, and that I’m often in Gothenburg or out on demonstrations of our fuel cell generator.”

What is the most fun working at Nilsson Energy?

“There is a lot that is fun, including the fact that I meet so many interested and pleasant customers or potential customers to discuss which solution suits their needs. ”

“It is also fun and challenging to work in an immature industry and that we at Nilsson Energy have been involved in the development of standards and systems for hydrogen-based systems. I feel proud to work at an innovative and driving company that really makes a difference to the hydrogen industry. It is exciting and satisfying when everything is not in place as I like to solve problems.”

Tips for you who want to work at Nilsson Energy?

“To thrive at Nilsson Energy, you need to be aware that everything may not be in place, but that you yourself take responsibility for moving things forward. It is good if you have an open mind and are not afraid to think differently or new to solve problems or find ways to move forward in projects.

If you want to be part of and influence the transition from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives, Nilsson Energy is just right,” concludes Harald.



”Jag drivs av att tänka utanför boxen när det gäller utveckling av ny teknik”

Träffa Harald Bouma, Region Manager Skaraborg.

Det var kärleken som förde vår nederländare Harald till Sverige redan 1998 och sedan januari 2022 har han arbetat på Nilsson Energy. Harald utgår från vårt lokalkontor i Mariestad och ansvarar för projektledning, drift och försäljning av våra lösningar i Skaraborgsregionen. Han är utbildad naturgeograf med inriktning klimatforskning samt licentiat från Chalmers inom miljövetenskap inriktning radio- och rymdvetenskap.

Tidigare arbetsgivare är bland annat Falbygdens Energi och Vänerenergi där han som miljöingenjör ansvarade för nya energisystem. Det är i hos dessa företag han kom i kontakt med vätgas och såg möjligheterna för lagring av förnybar energi.

Varför sökte du dig till Nilsson Energy?

”I samband med att Vänerenergi satsade stort på vätgas, bland annat med vätgastankstationen i Mariestad kom jag i kontakt med Hans-Olof Nilsson och övriga grundare på Nilsson Energy”, säger Harald. ”När jag fick chansen att börja på Nilsson Energy tvekade jag inte en sekund, dessutom är jag fortfarande huvudansvarig för drift och projektledning av tankstationen vilket är kul.”

”Det är ett utvecklande arbete, vilket jag gillar starkt. Jag tycker att lagring av förnybar energi är en av viktig utmaning för framtiden och där kan vätgasen spela en stor roll. Jag drivs av att tänka utanför boxen när det gäller utveckling av ny teknik. Det är också roligt att arbeta tillsammans med människor som brinner för samma saker som jag. ”

”Jag ser fram emot att företaget växer och att jag så småningom kan få fler kollegor här. Det fungerar ju bra med Teams samt att jag ofta är nere i Göteborg eller ute på demonstration av vår bränslecellsgenerator.”

Vad är roligast med att jobba på Nilsson Energy?

”Det är mycket som är roligt, bland annat att jag träffar så många intresserade och trevliga kunder eller potentiella kunder för att diskutera vilken lösning som passar till deras behov. ”

”Det är också kul och utmanande att verka i en omogen bransch och att vi på Nilsson Energy varit med i utveckling av standarder och system för vätgasbaserade system. Jag känner mig stolt över att arbeta på ett innovativt och drivande företag som verkligen gör skillnad för vätgasbranschen. Det är spännande och tillfredsställande när allt inte finns på plats då jag gillar att lösa problem.”

Tips till dig som vill jobba på Nilsson Energy?

”För att trivas på Nilsson Energy behöver man vara medveten om att allt kanske inte är på plats utan att man själv tar ansvar för att driva saker framåt. Det är bra om man har ett öppet sinne och inte är rädd för att tänka annorlunda eller nytt för att lösa problem eller hitta sätt att komma framåt.

Vill du vara med och påverka omställningen från fossila bränslen till förnybara alternativ är Nilsson Energy helt rätt”, avslutar Harald.



Nilsson Energy is a finalist for the E-prize


Source: Aktuell Hållbarhet

Nilsson Energy are humble and proud to be one of the finalists for the E-prize in the cathegory “Energy optimization” by Aktuell Hållbarhet, E.ON and Dagens Industri.

Martina Wettin, describes in the article why energy optimization as “the holy grail” for the energy transition:

“Being able to store energy until you need it, and to optimize so that you have the right amount of energy at the right time, is a crucial piece of the puzzle. In order for this to be possible, a systemic approach needs to be taken.
The combination of water and batteries can provide a balance between being able to store large amounts of energy for a long time and get a quick effect.”

Read article (Swedish)



Träffa Nilsson Energy på Load Up North 24 – 26 augusti i Boden!

Byt ut er dieselgenerator mot en bränslecellsgenerator där enda utsläppet är vatten!

Med EODevs bränslecellsgenerator får du en tyst och hållbar reservkraft och strömkälla. Den flyttbara generatorn drivs av vätgas och genererar el var och när du behöver den.

Användningsområden är många, kom och prata med Team Nilsson Energy , Harald Bouma Niclas Lindewall för att höra mer. Du hittar oss utomhus i monter: 1004

Dessutom är en av våra grundare Martina Wettin med på en paneldebatt tillsammans med Dr. Cecilia Wallmark med tema “Vätgasens framtid som drivmedel inom entreprenadbranschen”. Fredag 25 augusti, kl 15.00.


Läs mer om Load Up North

Meet Nilsson Energy at Load Up North 24 – 26 August in Boden – Sweden.

Replace diesel generator with a fuel cell generator where the only emission is water.

With EODevs fuel cell generator, you get a quiet and sustainable backup power and power source. The portable generator is powered by hydrogen and generates electricity whenever and wherever you need it. The areas of use are many, come and talk to Team Nilsson Energy to hear more. You will find us outdoors in booth: 1004

In addition, one of our founders, Martina Wettin, takes part in a panel debate together with Dr. Cecilia Wallmark with the theme “The future of hydrogen as a fuel in the construction industry”. Friday, August 25, at 3 p.m.


Nilsson Energy is featured in the lastest H2 View

Martina Wettin co-founder Nilsson EnergyWe are proud that our co-founder Martina Wettin was featured in the latest edition of H2View talking about the importance and relevance of small-scale local hydrogen-based energy systems for many different applications in the society.

” As previously stated, from experience Nilsson Energy knows that small scale technology is mature enough to scale with a multitude of projects and we want to be a force within this space working closely with our partners and colleagues within the hydrogen industry to get more practical experience, creating a greener future together.

In conclusion, we will have the gigawatt and the multi-megawatt hardware with its software solutions ready to scale, but currently what is working and what should not be frowned upon is the smaller applications.”

Read the full article here, available until Friday 18 August without subscription)

Nilsson Energy supplies turnkey systems for green hydrogen production to universities in the Nordics

By investing in their own local hydrogen production, universities strengthen their relevance, attract future researchers and contribute to a greener future.

Nilsson Energy are proud for the trust to deliver systems for local production of hydrogen to the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Åland and Mälardalen University.


The need and demand to use green hydrogen as fuel or to store renewable energy until it is needed is increasing. Areas of use are many when businesses replace fossil fuels in industrial processes, build drive lines for fuel cell-powered electric vehicles or for use as electricity and heat in buildings’ energy systems. By using green hydrogen generated with renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and contribute to the green energy transition.

As a leading system integrator within hydrogen-based local energy systems, Nilsson Energy specializes in designing and implementing complex solutions to meet our customers’ needs. As a system integrator, we act as a link between different components, software and technologies for safe, efficient and robust hydrogen-based systems.

Abdallah Abou-Taouk, senior quotation engineer at Nilsson Energy, sees an increased interest from universities and researchers in the systems that Nilsson Energy develops and delivers. Abdallah, who himself has a PhD, further develops:

Universities and researchers play a decisive role in developing new technology and improving existing ones. Research into hydrogen in production, storage, fuels and transport as well as the development of new materials and technologies, which can make hydrogen production more efficient and cost-effective, are important pieces of the puzzle for the green energy transition to be successful. Spreading knowledge is another important factor and at Nilsson Energy we have a great opportunity to deliver relevant knowledge, practical experience and technology for real green hydrogen.”

Our customized modular systems use Enapter’s AEM technology and an environmentally friendly electrolyte to produce green hydrogen. The systems are efficient and scalable, which fits perfectly in various research projects where the goal is to produce hydrogen for research and development within, among other things, the transport industry.

Hao Chen, researcher at Mälardalen University (MDU) explains:

Synthetic fuels have the potential to make a significant contribution to the development of sustainable mobility, which also provides the opportunity to store excess electrical energy. With the IFAISTOS project (Intelligent electrofuel production for integrated energy storage system), the AEM electrolysis system will be tested at MDU for the production of green hydrogen.

We will also explore the potential opportunities to develop a long-term energy storage solution based on electrofuels that can integrate the electricity from renewable energy sources into the entire energy system, from gas to heating, transport and chemicals, promoting the clean energy transition in Europe.

Shi You, senior researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) expresses with enthusiasm:

Our focus is to integrate the AEM electrolysis system within teaching and research activities. Students and researchers will have the opportunity to understand the principles and practical experience of modern electrolyser technology. Furthermore, researchers will use this system to develop multiphysics process models and control of electrolysers.

Finally, we will have the opportunity to understand how the electrolysers’ by-products can be optimally used, for example in waste heat and grid balancing services.”

Patric Granholm, vice chancellor at the University of Åland says the following:

The University of Åland integrates the AEM electrolysis system into a chain, from solar energy to hydrogen. The whole system will be used in teaching to give our students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the production of green hydrogen from the excess energy produced on favorable days with low energy consumption. The equipment will be used by students and staff both in education and research.”


For further information please contact:

Abdallah Abou-Taouk, Senior Quotation Engineer
+46 76 858 38 66

Martina Wettin, Co-founder, Head of PR
+46 736187404


Introducing children to renewable energy and hydrogen: The investment that shapes a sustainable future


At the beginning of May, Malin Ehrle, Head of Projects, spoke to primary school students at Furuhällsskolan, which is located just outside Gothenburg. The school works actively with both society and nature, which is often used in daily operations.

Teaching children about sustainable energy can be one of the most valuable investments we can make for the future of our planet and Malin’s presentation was appreciated by both children and teachers

The children are our future and by discussing sustainability and renewable energy at an early age, we can:

  1. Build awareness and responsibility: By introducing children to renewable energy and hydrogen, we can cultivate an awareness of environmental issues and responsibility to protect our planet. They become aware that we have alternatives to fossil fuels and that we can take advantage of natural resources such as sun, wind and water to generate clean energy.
  2. Stimulate technological interest: Talking to children about renewable energy opens up an exciting world of technology and innovation. They get the opportunity to learn about solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells and other advanced technologies used to produce and use renewable energy.
  3. Promote sustainable development: By showing children the potential of renewable energy and hydrogen, we can encourage them to think about sustainability in everything they do. Promoting sustainable development from a young age can help shape future leaders who prioritize ecological solutions.
  4. Enable positive engagement: By engaging children in discussions about renewable energy, we give them a sense that they can be part of the change.
  5. Show future prospects: By showing children that renewable energy and hydrogen are the energy sources of the future, you can give them hope for a sustainable and cleaner planet.

Nilsson Energy maintenance team went to France for further education on the EODev fuel cell generator.

From the left: Tomas Hansson, Niclas Lindewall, Nicklas Netteus, Jimmy Nyberg och Harald Bouma

Nilsson Energy is the Swedish distributor of the EODev fuel cell generator. Last week our maintenance team travelled to Energy Observer Development’s EODev production facility that is situated in Montlhéry, about 26 kilometers south of Paris to continue the training for the generator.

Gilles Payet-Burin, Logistics & After Sales Manager at EODev, held the course and he did a splendid job. The maintenance team thought the education was rewarding, interesting and they learned a lot. There was a mix of both theory and practical education of the generator’s components. They also got an exclusive tour of the factory and saw the process how the generator were assembled.


Visit from Ador Powertron – India


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to welcome Pradeep Makwana, Executive of Engineering & Development from Ador Powertron to a windy, cold, and rainy Gothenburg, Sweden. The Indian company @adorpowertron is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Transformer-Rectifier sets and controls in the world and we have successfully been collaborating for many years.

The purpose of the visit was to do a commissioning of a baby charger from Quench EV Chargers. The commissioning went faultless, and everything worked smoothly. The power to the charger came from the EODev fuel cell generator and this combo have never been tested before.

We are also glad to be able to show that the EODev fuel cell generator works perfectly with the portable EV charger. They can be used wherever the grid does not have sufficient electrical capacity or for seasonal usage, for example at remote ski resorts.

First hydrogen bus in India

Nilsson Energy, part of Sweden – India Smart City & Innovation delegation

We are proud that Nilsson Energy and our co-founder Martina Wettin is a part of the Sweden – India Smart City & Innovation delegation, going on a road show in three Indian cities, Puna, Mumbai and Panjim during February 14-17, 2023.

Arranging the trip are: Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai, Embassy of Sweden – Delhi, Business Sweden, Vinnova, IVL, Smart City Sweden,

Participants: Ecoloo, Autonomize – powered by Scania Innovation Factory, Envac, Hifab, Serneke, KTH, Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Clean Tech Region, Swedish Incubators & Science Park, Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai, Embassy of Sweden, Delhi, Business Sweden, Vinnova, IVL, Smart City Sweden,

Read more in the Swedish India Smart City Roadshow brochure

Day 1

The first day the delegation visitedWest India and Pune at Ador Powertron Limited. Nilsson Energy have since many years collaborated with Ravin MIRCHANDANI and his team, but this was the first time we had the opportunity to visit the factory. We are grateful for the warm welcome and a very well organised visit, including two workshops with the topics hydrogen and mobility.

We also had the opportunity to ride on India’s 1st Hydrogen bus and the delegation actually became 2nd passenger after Prime Minister Modi who inaugurated this Hydrogen bus the week before.

Welcome to Ador

Day 2

The second day, we among other things, we networked with representatives from the Pune Knowledge Cluster and the Swedish Consulate in Mumbai.

Martina was also participating at a panel discussing water and waste water. End of the day the delegation visited an incubator for two growth companies.

Panel discussion water and waste water



Follow us at LinkedIn where we continue to write about the road show.


Nilsson Energy travels north – presenting the EODev fuel cell generator

Yesterday, Wednesday January 11, Nilsson Energy travelled to the eastern parts of Swedish Lapland participating at the SPGA (Swedish Proving Ground Association) event in Piteå demonstrating the@EODev fuel cell generator powered by green hydrogen.

The generator is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of different needs, ranging from where electricity is needed without burdening the regular electricity grid, or where there is simply no power available to take from the grid. Another application is to connect a mobile charging station, to be able to charge cars or snowmobiles where there is no possibility today.

Thank you all interested participants at the event and to SPGA for inviting us!

Looking forward to serving customers in the North.