Träffa Nilsson Energy på Load Up North 24 – 26 augusti i Boden!

Byt ut er dieselgenerator mot en bränslecellsgenerator där enda utsläppet är vatten!

Med EODevs bränslecellsgenerator får du en tyst och hållbar reservkraft och strömkälla. Den flyttbara generatorn drivs av vätgas och genererar el var och när du behöver den.

Användningsområden är många, kom och prata med Team Nilsson Energy , Harald Bouma Niclas Lindewall för att höra mer. Du hittar oss utomhus i monter: 1004

Dessutom är en av våra grundare Martina Wettin med på en paneldebatt tillsammans med Dr. Cecilia Wallmark med tema “Vätgasens framtid som drivmedel inom entreprenadbranschen”. Fredag 25 augusti, kl 15.00.


Läs mer om Load Up North

Meet Nilsson Energy at Load Up North 24 – 26 August in Boden – Sweden.

Replace diesel generator with a fuel cell generator where the only emission is water.

With EODevs fuel cell generator, you get a quiet and sustainable backup power and power source. The portable generator is powered by hydrogen and generates electricity whenever and wherever you need it. The areas of use are many, come and talk to Team Nilsson Energy to hear more. You will find us outdoors in booth: 1004

In addition, one of our founders, Martina Wettin, takes part in a panel debate together with Dr. Cecilia Wallmark with the theme “The future of hydrogen as a fuel in the construction industry”. Friday, August 25, at 3 p.m.


Introducing children to renewable energy and hydrogen: The investment that shapes a sustainable future


At the beginning of May, Malin Ehrle, Head of Projects, spoke to primary school students at Furuhällsskolan, which is located just outside Gothenburg. The school works actively with both society and nature, which is often used in daily operations.

Teaching children about sustainable energy can be one of the most valuable investments we can make for the future of our planet and Malin’s presentation was appreciated by both children and teachers

The children are our future and by discussing sustainability and renewable energy at an early age, we can:

  1. Build awareness and responsibility: By introducing children to renewable energy and hydrogen, we can cultivate an awareness of environmental issues and responsibility to protect our planet. They become aware that we have alternatives to fossil fuels and that we can take advantage of natural resources such as sun, wind and water to generate clean energy.
  2. Stimulate technological interest: Talking to children about renewable energy opens up an exciting world of technology and innovation. They get the opportunity to learn about solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells and other advanced technologies used to produce and use renewable energy.
  3. Promote sustainable development: By showing children the potential of renewable energy and hydrogen, we can encourage them to think about sustainability in everything they do. Promoting sustainable development from a young age can help shape future leaders who prioritize ecological solutions.
  4. Enable positive engagement: By engaging children in discussions about renewable energy, we give them a sense that they can be part of the change.
  5. Show future prospects: By showing children that renewable energy and hydrogen are the energy sources of the future, you can give them hope for a sustainable and cleaner planet.

Nilsson Energy travels north – presenting the EODev fuel cell generator

Yesterday, Wednesday January 11, Nilsson Energy travelled to the eastern parts of Swedish Lapland participating at the SPGA (Swedish Proving Ground Association) event in Piteå demonstrating the@EODev fuel cell generator powered by green hydrogen.

The generator is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of different needs, ranging from where electricity is needed without burdening the regular electricity grid, or where there is simply no power available to take from the grid. Another application is to connect a mobile charging station, to be able to charge cars or snowmobiles where there is no possibility today.

Thank you all interested participants at the event and to SPGA for inviting us!

Looking forward to serving customers in the North.




Season’s Greetings

We wish all our customers, suppliers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This year we are supporting the Gothenburg City Mission with a contribution for people in need in these tough times. Gothenburg City Mission works for the equal value of all people, regardless of life situation. They offer emergency help and long-term support for people living in homelessness, poverty and social vulnerability.

From all of us to all of you, may your holidays be full of warmth and cheer.

Your friends at Nilsson Energy

Great attention for Nilsson Energy at the Zmart student fair

Maria Magnusson at Zmart student fair

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the response we received yesterday at ZMART’s annual Student Career Fair at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. So energizing and fun to speak with so many brilliant students.

Our own Energy System Engineer Maria Magnusson was also happy being back at her old university, presenting Nilsson Energy and a future career in the hydrogen business.

We are looking forward to seeing the students next time working with us at Nilsson Energy.

Nilsson Energy is present at the Zmart – career fair hosted by Chalmers

Meeting students to talk about how a career in hydrogen is the future!

Nilsson Energy is attending at the ZMART annual student career fair on Thursday 24th November in Gothenburg.

The fair is hosted by the Mechanical engineering program and the Automation & Mechatronics program at Chalmers university of technology.

If you are visiting the fair, please come and say Hi!


Nilsson Energy at the World Hydrogen Congress

Martina Wettin is speaking at the congress

Our co-founder Martina Wettin is speaking at the World Hydrogen Congress in Rotterdam, October 11. We have invited our friends at The Port of Gothenburg and Statkraft to discuss “How are the Nordics contributing towards REPowerEU and how can decentralized system solutions benefit the current infrastructure?”.

Welcome to join us at the congress!



Speakers at the event

Nilsson Energy was speaking at the online World Electrolysis Congress

We are proud that Nilsson Energy was invited among other eminent speakers to be a part of the online World Electrolysis Congress seminar that are held Wednesday September 28th.

Our co-founder Martina Wettin talked about the relevance of decentralised production and storage of green hydrogen and presented practical examples of learnings as early-stage adopters, challenges to consider and to act on.  She also raised the opportunities Nilsson Energy sees regarding green jobs and increased robustness in our society.


Please read more and register to the live congress next year in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Test bed Gateway Säve

Yesterday we were invited to test bed Gateway Säve by Johanneberg Science Park and Castellum to present why Nilsson Energy choose to establish our production site in this area.

Gateway Säve is a unique site for sustainable logistics and mobility and is the perfect place for us. We are happy and proud to be a tenant at Castellum at this exciting area and we are looking forward to growing our business together with our neighbors.

If you are interested about Gateway Säve you can read more about the site here