Australian study tour to Mariestad and Vårgårda

In June Nilsson Energy hosted an Australian delegation during a study visit to its customers in Mariestad and Vårgårda

Mr Criag Ehrke, Managing Director at MACK VALVES PTY LTD, and Mr Ravin Mirchandani, Director at MACK VALVES PTY LTD & Executive Chairman at Ador Powertron Limited started the tour by visiting Nilsson Energy´s demohouse in Gothenburg. After a thorough technical and financial discussion the group moved on to visit projects under construction and installation in Mariestad and Vårgårda.

In Mariestad the Mayor Mr Johan Abrahamsson welcomed the delegation and shared information about the smart city solution “Electric Village” including the World´s first solar powered hydrogen refuelling-station. The station and its energy storage, also intended for voltage/frequence regulation of the local grid, gained a lot of interest from the visiting guests.

Mr Mirchandani, Key-note speaker at Smart City India 2018 Expo, Delhi, underlined the uniqueness of what the Swedish municipalities are achieving via Nilsson Energy´s renewable energy solutions RE8760 by stating: “Nilsson has the most successful example of having a home off grid using solar based hydrogen generation anywhere in the world and has assisted the city of Mariestad to achieve its own green energy ambitions through an ambitious (yet real) solar hydrogen generation facility to fill vehicles driven on hydrogen. Neither of these have been done anywhere else in the world as yet.”

In Vårgårda Mr Jan Thorsson, Managing Director Vårgårdabostäder, proudly showed the delegation the fist house in a housing estate of six buildings that are currently being refurbished and prepared to go off-grid using a RE8760 system solution with one shared hydrogen storage for all six buildings. The delegates showed an equal interest in this solution as they previously showed in Mariestad.

To date, nearly 3.000 individuals have visited the demohouse in Gothenburg. Nilsson Energy foresees many delegations visiting our customers projects and hope this will create new opportunities for all involved.