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Nilsson Energy is a Swedish system integrator and supplier of turnkey renewable energy systems with hydrogen as an energy carrier. By long-term storage of renewable energy until it is needed, Nilsson Energy ensures robust system solutions for its customers. Decentralized hydrogen production from renewable sources forms the basis of the product portfolio. The company spans the entire value chain, including service and maintenance.

Nilsson Energy was founded 2017 by Pontus Lundgren, Martina Wettin & Hans-Olof Nilsson and 2020 the company was awarded “The World´s Best Gas and Hydrogen brand” by the International Charge Energy Awards.

Principal owner from 2021 is long-term Swedish investment company Qarlbo.

Nilsson Energy has an office and research lab at Lindholmen in Gothenburg, a local office in Mariestad and a facility at Gateway Säve for development and construction of the company’s container-based products.

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