About Nilsson Energy

We make it possible to store renewable energy from sun, wind and water until it’s needed.

Nilsson Energy is a system integrator and supplier of local renewable energy systems with hydrogen as an energy carrier. Our systems contribute to a safe and sustainable energy supply in all parts of society. We design, build and install hydrogen-based systems that support customers’ needs throughout the value chain.

As a system integrator, we take overall responsibility from start to finish, which includes:

  • Project management and collaboration with customer, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • System design and planning
  • Component selection, technologies and integration
  • System optimization and performance analysis
  • Safety and regulations
  • Installation, maintenance and service

Nilsson Energy was founded 2017 by Pontus Lundgren, Martina Wettin & Hans-Olof Nilsson and 2020 the company was awarded “The World´s Best Gas and Hydrogen brand” by the International Charge Energy Awards. We are a subsidiary of Qarlbo Energy, a Swedish investment company with joint ownership by Qarlbo (the family office of EQT founder Conni Jonsson) and FAM (Wallenberg Foundations).

Nilsson Energy’s head office and research lab is situated at Lindholmen in Gothenburg, we have representation in Mariestad and a our service team is located at Gateway Säve.

Our products

  • Energy

    Emission-free backup power and energy supply for customers who need to replace fossil energy sources such as diesel generators

  • Industry

    Hydrogen production for customers who need to use hydrogen in their processes or in their development process.

  • Buildings

    Electricity and heating systems for customers who want to be completely self-sufficient or cut power peaks.

  • Mobility

    Refueling infrastructure for important logistics nodes for refueling and charging battery or fuel cell powered electric vehicles

  • Installation and service

    A service team with expert competence for installation, service and maintenance on hydrogen systems and hydrogen refueling stations.

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CleanCon II

Nilsson Energy is a partner of the 3 year initiative Cleancon – Clean Construction Machinery

Cleancon is a cross-border initiative within the Interreg Øresund-Kattegat-Skagerak program, promoting the use of emission-free vehicles and machinery in construction projects and in municipal operations.

The project partners aim to increasing the use of renewable energy in the construction sector. Construction machinery account for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. In the municipality of Oslo, this proportion is estimated at approx. 25%. In Sweden, the corresponding share was 20 percent (2010). The Swedish Transport Administration’s forecast indicates that this will increase to 50 percent in 2050 if no action is taken.

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